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Each and every family tree is unique and it is this fact that probably lays behind the popularity of family history research. The family genealogy is yours and yours alone. Parts of it are shared with your relatives but there is a path from your earliest progenitor to you that is truly unique and personal to you alone.


If you would like me to look into your ancestry I should be happy to do so. My rates compare very favourably with people who merely search records on your behalf typed into a report for you. In contrast I will organise the research and have it carried out for you wherever in the English speaking world and the British Isles it may take us. All for £15 per hour. I do ask that I am commissioned for 20 hours at a time if possible making a full round cost £300. I can accomplish a great deal in that time. You can also pay in 4 instalments of £75. The US equivalent is 4 instalments of $100  making a total of $400.

From time to time I run seasonal offers, so get in touch via the Contact page to find out if you can get a discount or if you feel you need rather less than a full round of genealogical research.

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