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DIY Genealogy

Some people prefer to learn how to solve their genealogical problems themselves rather than hand them over to a researcher. 

  • I have seen so many websites that just mention the source you should look in but never tell you how to get the results.
  • I have been researching for 25 years and I know the best ways, the cheapest and quickest ways to obtain documentation wherever you are in the world from any source of records in the world.
  • I will give you a personalised service which will tell you what and where to search for and what you will find. There can be no guarantees that the person you seek will be there, but at least you will be looking in the right place!

Any topic covered from births to employment records, from Court records to Army Service Papers. I will show you where the records are kept and how to find them, how to pay for them and how to get them delivered.

The Fees? £150 or $200 for a three month tutorial term during which time you can ask whatever you wish (within reasonable parameters). Money well spent!


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