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About is a family history business owned and run by me, Stephen Thomas, a genealogical researcher with 30 plus years of experience. I also answer some of the reader's questions in the Who Do You Think You Are magazine which complements the worldwide television series of the same name. I have appeared on a number of TV programmes and series over many years and have written articles for many magazines.

What we do:

We trace family trees and conduct people searches. We undertake ancestry tracing and descending family history, research missing relatives and reunite families around the globe by way of  genealogy searches.The price for this varies with the amount of research required but is based on £25 per hour. From our Contact page you can ask me anything you wish about research, payment schemes or records.

As well as these featured products we can also turn your information into a titled printed pedigree. There is also a low price DIY Genealogy option which allows you to carry out your own research guided by me as a personal mentor and tutor.

This website also sets out to educate by explaining the origin and meaning of surnames in their various forms. On the individual pages there are lists and examples of family names you may have encountered during the course of research into your ancestry. Check them out, some are quite surprising!


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